“Actualisation – The achievement of an individual or group’s full potential through creativity, innovation, tenacity and a conviction of what is possible.”

CYCAN is a distinguished Business and Leadership Actualisation Practice.
Truly significant people are those who progress from one great
accomplishment to another. CYCAN’S contribution is helping them discover
new levels of courage, tenacity, compassion and capacity to impact, influence
and add value.

Whether as a business you want to acquire, energize or retain top leadership
talent, or as an individual leader you want to make a strategic change in your
career, leverage where you are or pursue increased self actualisation, our
portfolio of services will fulfil your particular needs.

CYCAN meaningfully contributes to accelerating your journey of significance.

CYCAN has a strategic approach to leadership issues underpinned by
a sound understanding of the entire human capital value chain and how
it relates to the bottom line.”
CEO of Financial Services and Mining Corporations