Servant-Based Leadership

There is increasing awareness in business of the value and imperative of servant-based leadership as a model for building positive, hopeful and collaborative teams, organisations, communities and societies.

This is concomitant with what we define as “Exponential Leadership” which presupposes the proliferation of self-aware leaders with a coaching, agile and inclusive style – moving away from the traditional rigours of “command and control”.

Bizarrely, we find ourselves facing the conundrum where the cry is for new and evolved leaders and yet much of the world is being led by the antithesis.

Many of superpowers have political leaders that are dictatorial, ultra-conservative, bigoted, and, in most instances, militant. They are contributing to the degrees of complexity, ambiguity, uncertainty and increasing social polarisation and discord.

What is urgently being called for is consciousness and conscience, authenticity and integrity, empathic vision with a long term strategic view and play.

But what can we do about it?

Firstly, recognize that there are things that we seemingly can’t control or influence and start focusing on what we can. Political values are based on social values which are based on individual values.

Accordingly, let us begin to positively change individual values starting with our own. Through our metamorphosis of character and the way in which we show up and do what we do, we can impart and impute the exemplification of excellence in action.

This may be a lonely and challenging road less travelled, but as we remain steadfast to our cause and not deviate from our inner compass, we will discover people of similar heart and mind who share our propensity for creating a more inclusive, generous and values-based society that is sustainably prosperous in all aspects of life.

So whilst we commence by standing alone, we contribute to a positive contagion of standing alone, together.

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