Leadership Transformation

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In an increasingly complex world where uncertainty is the new normal, traditional forms of leadership development and engagement are proving to be sub-optimal. There is an urgent need for these to be replaced with programmes that facilitate meaningful changes in perspective and behavior, with a shift to a coaching and transformational style of leadership.

Extensive studies show that increased self awareness is key to being an empowered leader of self to be an effective leader of others. The world is calling for leaders to be inclusive, empowering, and creative listeners.

To this end, Cycan developed its Leader as Coach programme. It incorporates the integration of empirical research in social neuroscience, cognitive behavioral psychology, and performance science – along with practical application of behavioral change coaching practices.

Over the past 10 years, Cycan has partnered with a wide variety of organisations, including several blue-chip global companies, in customizing and rolling out its Leader as Coach programme across four continents with consistent impact, value, and sustained changes in language and behaviour.


Building agility in your leadership team

The rapidly changing and increasingly complex world has called for leaders to be agile, resilient, inclusive, and visionary. To embrace this, leaders must develop a new depth of self-awareness and Cycan responded with its Leadership Alchemy Programme.

Each journey is uniquely customised to address the variables client scenarios, enabling the participants to gain insight and understanding of the follow key factors:   

  • The impact of change on the brain and how we can respond and innovate accordingly.
  • Leadership styles in the new world of work
  • How our state-of-being influences how we experience ourselves, others, and our environment.
  • Leading with presence.
  • Systemic thinking.
  • The latest techniques for giving and receiving feedback.
  • Practical aspects of neuroplasticity.
  • The imperatives for insuring optimal engagement, accomplishment, and personal wellbeing.
  • How our thinking, language and behavior affect other people.
  • Theory and practice on how to elicit creative thinking and innovation from our teams.


Developing leaders of the future

Systemic Team Coaching takes executive teams beyond high-performance to high-value creation.

Whilst common practice is to focus on assessing where things are now to plan a way forward, Systemic Team Coaching looks first to the future working back from there.

It simultaneously focuses on the outside/bigger system and connections, and then moving inwards.

As part of the Systemic Team Coaching process, teams will be empowered to:

  • Circumvent limitation.
  • Stay ahead of the innovation-curve.
  • Think inclusively and take diverse needs into account.
  • Align their functions and portfolios to effectively integrate and collaborate.
  • Work successfully with diverse stakeholders and fellow team members.
  • Develop influence beyond their current system.
  • Form key strategic partnerships beyond the current system.