Individual Coaching Programmes

Building Greatness From The Inside Out

Transformational Executive Coaching


All sporting greats, whether individuals or teams, will attest that their coaches were instrumental in their success.

Professional Sport across all genres is highly competitive, challenging, and at times complicated. However, it is not complex.

Business in today’s world, on the other hand, is complex.

If the greatest of sporting champions work with high-powered coaches, why then would any top-achieving business leader not have the best of coaches?

Each of Cycan’s Master coaches has a minimum of 10,000 hours of experience coaching and transforming the lives of C-Suite executives and senior business leaders across industries on four continents.

Cycan’s Transformational Executive Coaching comprises cognitive and self-actualization psychology frameworks integrated with the latest in social neuroscience.

We facilitate revelational insights for our clients that inspire game-changing behavioural shifts that result in greater levels of self-awareness, engagement, accomplishment, and wellbeing.

Each coaching journey has a set of well-formed business and personal outcomes that ensure the best possible ROI.

Great ideas can change the way we think – revelational moments transform the way we live!

Let us help you raise the bar.

Career Transition Coaching


Our career occupy a large portion of our lives. How they unfold can be left to chance or circumstances, or we can take charge of it.

As we travel, we arrive at various juncture points – some by design, others because of circumstances and external factors presenting challenging choices. Career Transition Coaching plays an invaluable role in weighing up the options of career continuation, alteration, or termination.

Whether embarking on a voluntary career shift, dealing with retrenchment, or responding to the impacts of innovation and disruption, having a compass and roadmap is invaluable.

Our Master Coaches will enable you to unpack your intellectual capital, explore and reflect on your conscious and unconscious competencies and review your aspirations and goals.

You will simultaneously rejuvenate your brand and establish a practical road map for pursuing a life and career of significance.

Career Optimisation Coaching


Career Optimisation Coaching is a dynamic and proactive approach to professional development, designed to enable our clients to maximise their career trajectory and their pursuit of meaning and purpose in who they are and what they do.

Whether you are looking to pursue a vertical or lateral career move, increase your leadership portfolio, become a domain specialist, or even explore entrepreneurial endeavours, Cycan is your partner of choice.

Cycan’s Career Transition and Career Optimisation Coaching Programmes go hand in hand, assisting you in setting and reaching career goals, enhancing your leadership capacity, and orchestrating effective work-life prioritisation.

With a focus on leveraging your unique strengths, our Master coaches will help to empower you to thrive in your professional journey and consistently exceed your expectations.

Situational Coaching

Tailored coaching for real-time success

Situational Coaching is a dynamic and adaptable coaching approach that recognises the unique context and challenges individuals face.

It revolves around the idea that there is no one-size-fits-all solution to personal or professional development.

Situational Coaches provide tailored guidance based on the specific circumstances, goals, and obstacles that a person is dealing with at any given moment.

Whether it’s addressing leadership challenges, navigating career transitions, or improving interpersonal skills, this coaching approach focuses on crafting strategies that align with the immediate needs of the individual.

By honing in on the current situation and leveraging a wide array of coaching techniques, Situational Coaching empowers individuals to make effective decisions and take action in real-time, ensuring their personal and professional growth is relevant and impactful.