Leadership: How To Detoxify Your Workplace. It is important to remember that leadership does not work in isolation.

Leadership: How To Detoxify Your Workplace

How do you detoxify the workplace?

Changing a toxic culture often takes intervention and external perspectives from a qualified leadership coaching company. This does not mean you, in your capacity, can’t make an impact.

Small, meaningful actions done with the right intention can bring about change, even if that change only occurs initially within your immediate circle of influence.

It is important to remember that leadership does not work in isolation. Any positive (or negative) influence will have a ripple effect throughout the organisation and beyond, including the customer experience, supplier relationships and the greater community.

Take positive action!

Here are 4 small and meaningful actions you can take to improve the quality of your leadership influence:

  1. Be the leader you wish you had.
  2. Focus on simple things like politeness, kindness and courtesy.
  3. Constantly check-in with your emotional and mental state so you can recognise the effect you have on others.
  4. Learn to adapt to what each moment or opportunity needs from you so you can perform at your best.

Leadership, after all, is about serving others.

How do you know if you are a toxic leader?

If you are worried you might be a toxic leader, chances are, you are not one.

Toxic leaders would not question their actions and words, nor would they care about the effect they have on others. They tend to be very inwardly focused because they operate from a place of ego and fear. Neither allows a person to be discerning and reflective.

Detoxing does not happen overnight.

But with compassion, understanding and tolerance, you can shape business and society into something much more sustainable and inclusive.

It all starts with the small things.

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